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Specijalna bolnica za ortopediju i traumatologiju lokomotornog sustava AKROMION sa sjedištem u Krapinskim Toplicama, Ljudevita Gaja 2

Akromion via HZZO

Krapinske Toplice, August 13, 2008 - Akromion Special Hospital for Orthopaedics and Traumatology and the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance (Cro. HZZO) signed a contract which defines surgical procedures covered by HZZO for the patients of this hospital. Contracted surgeries are those of the knee, ankle, shoulder and hand, and this agreement is very important mostly because of the fact that patients wait for months to have surgeries in state hospitals.

Surgeries from now on covered by HZZO in Akromion Orthopaedic Hospital are as follows: arthroscopic meniscectomy of the knee, arthroscopic debridement of the knee, ankle and shoulder as well as carpal tunnel surgery. The contract covers the surgery, one-day hospital stay (arriving to the hospital in the morning, leaving in the afternoon, day surgery) and the first follow-up appointment.
Prof Nikola Čičak, PhD, orthopaedic specialist and Deputy Manager of Akromion Hospital, stated: „We are truly glad to have signed a contract with the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance and we thank them for having recognized the quality of service we provide to patients at Akromion. Hopefully, in the near future, the contract will be expanded to a larger number of our services whereby waiting lists for orthopaedic surgeries in Croatia would be additionally shortened and a larger number of patients would have the opportunity to get top service at Akromion – the most modern orthopaedic hospital in Croatia, and one of the most modern in Europe.”

Akromion philosophy – surgery without pain, minimum blood loss

The team of leading orthopaedic surgeons who established Akromion support the philosophy of reducing any discomfort during treatment, since nobody likes pain, blood or starving just before the surgery. In order to make the surgery and recovery as pleasant as possible for the patients, Akromion Hospital staff tries to minimize blood consumption during surgeries, for instance in case of artificial joint implantation, as well as minimizing the pain during and after the surgery and hunger before the surgery. The aim is to make every procedure as less invasive for the organism as possible, so that the patient would suffer as low a trauma as possible and be able to leave the hospital as early as possible. In a substantial number of procedures, patients leave Akromion on the very day they arrived).

About Akromion

Akromion Hospital opened its doors in April 2008 in Krapinske Toplice, it is the largest private hospital of this sort in Croatia, and among the leading ones in Europe. At the moment there are 39 employees, with over 40 mil kn that was invested in its reconstruction and refurbishment with the help of Quaestus Fund. Akromion Hospital has three operating rooms with modern medical equipment and offers supreme accommodation for its patients. It is lead by a team of four top orthopaedists - Prof Miroslav Hašpl, MD, Prof Nikola Čičk, MD, Denis Tršek, MD, and Hrvoje Klobučar, MD.
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