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Special Hospital for Orthopaedic Surgery Akromion

Akromion Hospital is the largest private orthopaedic hospital in the Republic of Croatia, occupying a total of 2000 square meters on three floors. The building is rented from the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Krapinske Toplice and has been completely renovated. A new surgery wing with three operating rooms and a post anaesthesia care unit has been built, while the ground floor, the second floor and the attic have been completely renewed. Operating rooms are equipped with the most advanced equipment. The ward consists of 11 rooms – three single rooms, six double rooms, and two suites. Each room has a bathroom and a toilet, plus each room is equipped with a TV set and an internet connection, which ensures a maximum comfort for patients.


The hospital is completely computerised. We don’t keep patient individual medical records in paper form, and there is no paperwork and waiting lists in a traditional sense. Akromion is the first true e-hospital in Croatia. Apart from having the most advanced medical equipment, one operating room is equipped with Olympus HD EndoALPHA technology – an integrated operating room technology. This latest technology provides doctors and other hospital staff with a full access to images and descriptive medical records of the patient during surgery, thus enabling immediate and timely consultations during surgery. When Akromion Hospital first started, this integrated orthopaedic operating room was the only one of that kind in Europe.


Akromion provides all medical services in the fields of orthopaedics and traumatology, such as: shoulder, knee, ankle and elbow arthroscopy, artificial joint, hip, knee and shoulder implantation. We also carry out reconstructive surgery of all joints, and treat fractures and their consequences. Currently we don’t treat malignant tumours, and we provide orthopaedic services for children only partially. We perform approximately 1300 surgeries a year, which comprise about 350 hip, knee, and shoulder prostheses.
After the surgery, patients are given a unique opportunity to undergo a post-surgery rehabilitation at the same location. Since that service is already provided by the hospital “Krapinske Toplice”, patients basically receive a full service at one place – from examination through surgery to rehabilitation.

Polyclinic in Zagreb

Akromion polyclinic was opened in Zagreb on 01 July 2013. The polyclinic is located in the city centre, near Kvaternikov Square, at the address Vrbanićeva Street no. 26.

Akromion Polyclinic provides orthopaedist and physiatrist services and complete physical therapy and rehabilitation. For examination and therapy appointments please call +385 1 6445 820.

Outpatient clinic in Split

Patients can also be examined in Split, in the premises of Splitska kuća zdravlja, Kranjčevićeva 45, but only upon scheduled appointments. For appointments please call +385 21 252 255.

Main features

Main features of Akromion orthopaedic hospital:

  • We are the largest private orthopaedic hospital in the Republic of Croatia;
  • We perform around 1300 surgical procedures per year;
  • We have state of the art medical equipment – including integrated operating rooms technology;
  • Patients rooms are equipped with a bathroom, a toilet, a TV set and an internet connection;
  • E-hospital status – our hospital computers are completely integrated;
  • Complete service in one place (examination, surgery, rehabilitation);
  • Very convenient location (in a natural and peaceful environment);
  • Providing services to patients on four locations in Krapinske Toplice, Zagreb, Split and Zadar.
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