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  • Eutixios 31 May 2019
    What is osteoblastic acticity is it dangerous? You have a chance to die?

    You probably wanted to say osteoblastic activity. That is proces of degradation of the bone. It can be normal part of bone remodelling, like in healing, and it can be present in some diseases, like in tumors. You should go to orthopaedic surgeon to see your findings and make an exam to determine what is going on.
  • johnny demosten 23 May 2019
    Im 32 years old 5″11 180lbs no medical history never been injured average build shape no diabetes. On June 26th I was working at 25 feet wearing a harness torching holes. I was tied off above my head. I fell free falling about 4-6 feet straight down with my arms extended to about 180 deg abduction, outstreched arm. The free fall distance for my height and weight is 1400lbs to 2400lbs of force. To summerize I was wearing a harness and I fell straight down 4-6 feet suspended for 20-60 seconds. I had a right shoulder dislocation, post reduction. MRI report are as 1. moderate to severe acromioclavicular joint osteoarthrosis, type 1 acromion. 2. A non displaced subacute fracture of the greater tuberosityof the right humerus, with associated moderate supraspinatus tendinosis, mild infraspinatus is demonstrated. 3. A Hill-Sachs is in the posterosuperior humerus. 4. obliteration of the auxiliary recess of the joint, adhesive capsulitis. Can you tell me your opinion that an accident of this nature could cause AC osteoarthrosis and tendinosis. please email me for more details i can send the MRI report and images thanks. Since AC osteoarthrosis and tendinosis is a degenerative disease is it possible this accident caused me these problems.

    It is a long time from your injury until now. As you mentioned artrhrosis and tendinosis are degenerative conditions and it is not likely that injury caused them but it could made them worse. We don’t know what are your problems now and MRI images may not be relevant.
  • Melissa 15 November 2018
    Do and if the surgeons offer leg shortening procedures or? I have one leg shorter than the other by1.5-2cm

    Dear Mrs,
    These small differences can be treated with insoles.
    Discrepancies larger than 2 cm can be treated either with shorthening or lengthening of the opposite leg (depending on patient preference).
    Best regards,
    Hrvoje Klobucar, M.D., Ph.D.
    Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Alvin Augustine 12 November 2018
    Sir,I started to go gym since last 6 months.Every day I run on treadmill 1.5 km.After two months poping sounds heard on my left hand shoulder.So I stopped taking pull up.Now(after six months) poping sounds hearing on my kneeWhether I shoud stop daily run.Usually I spend 1.5 hour in gym.Is it due to the deficiency of vitamin?Can I intake vitamin d3 and omega 3 fatty acid capsules.Or is there any other remedy?

    Dear Sir,
    Poping sounds around joints are usual, and are not conected with vitamin deficinency. Probably that is due to soft tissue imbalance or contact with bony prominences around joints, or due to overactivities and bursal tissue enlargement. Usually only heating and stretching will help.
    Best regards,
    Hrvoje Klobucar, M.D., Ph.D.
    Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Egzon Kurti 9 October 2018
    i am a boy from kosovo and i hurt my right hand all the doctors have told me that i need to have surgery and i can not do it in kosovo I’ve been hurting my hand playing football and getting out of my way can you make me an operation and how much it costs

    Dear Mr Kurti,
    Please send us X-rays or MRIs or CTs of Your hand on our e-mail.
    Best regards,
    dr.sc. Hrvoje Klobučar, dr.med.
    Special Hospital Akromion
  • Kevin 10 September 2018
    I am in need of knee surgury on my right minisci. I am in croatia next week and was windering is it possible to book in cor surgury this quickly or do u need referal letters etc. My doctor in ireland could arrange this and i have the mri scan from last week. The cost is expensive in ireland and was wondering if its possible to get the treatment in croatia.thank you

    Dear Mr Kevin,
    It is possible to arrange Arthroscopic knee surgery in our hospital next week. We perform this kind of treatment as a day surgery. We would like you to send us medical reports you have and MRI findings, but we still need to do examination before operation.
    We are at your disposal.
    Best regards,
    Damir Starčević, MD
    Orthopaedic Specialist
    Special hospital Akromion
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