Our goal, besides just the treatment of the illness, is to make your stay at Akromion Special Hospital as comfortable as possible and to help you to calmly go through the therapy process.

Upon your arrival to Akromion, a nurse will welcome you at the registration desk. She will register you as a patient and refer you to the doctor’s office or walk you to the ward.
If you have been scheduled for a small surgery, you will be referred to the dressing room where you will change into hospital clothes, after which a member of the operating team, medical staff, will prepare you for the procedure. They will prepare you for infusion, ask you questions about the last time you had something to eat and drink, about any possible allergies you might have, your general health, medicines you might be taking and a few other administrative questions. We will shortly repeat all the information related to the type of surgery you are about to undergo and about anaesthesiology procedures that will enable you to have as little pain and discomfort connected to the surgery as possible, at a level you will find acceptable. If you have not already done this, we will ask you to sign the consent form for the surgery and the relating anaesthesiology procedures.
If you have been taken to the hospital ward, a member of the medical staff will visit you in your room and go through the above stated questions.

In order for us to provide you with the optimal peri-operational care, we kindly ask you to follow the instructions given by our doctors related to the preparations for your surgical procedure. There are several general rules we ask you to follow when arriving to the hospital:


Bring along all the original medical documentation related to your present illness and any illnesses for which you are or have been treated
Bring along the list of medicines and instructions for their usage which you were taking over the past six months or you are still using
If you are presently on some medications (for blood pressure, heart, asthma, thyroid gland etc.), take it with you to the hospital to have enough supply for 5 days. If you are coming for a small surgery, then a day’s supply will be sufficient.
Continue taking your regular medicines until the surgery day, unless previously one of our doctors specifically tells you to stop taking a certain medication prior to the surgery
If your are taking any herbal or homeopathic medicines that are not strictly prescribed by a physician, we kindly ask you to stop taking them at least a week prior to the scheduled surgery, considering the fact that some of the medications can contribute to increased blood loss during and immediately after the surgery
If you are using eye glasses or contact lenses, take them with you to the hospital together with the storage cases and care products (liquid for contact lenses)
If you wear dentures or a hearing aid, bring it to the hospital together with the storage cases so you can put them away while you are at the surgery. Check in good time if the hearing aid batteries are full and if needed replace them prior to your arrival to the hospital.


Bring your personal hygiene kit which you will need during your stay at our hospital
Arrange in advance for transportation to Akromion for the exact time when you need to come to the hospital and arrange perhaps necessary transportation home from the hospital. Write down the name and the phone number of this person so that Akromion personnel can be in contact
Write down the name, address and phone number of the person we can contact related to possible changes in your health condition and treatment during your stay in Akromion
If you are taking care of small children, elderly persons or if you have pets, arrange in advance for someone to take care of them even after the hospital treatment is completed


The day before the surgery you may eat and drink normally until midnight. After midnight, we kindly ask you not to take anything orally unless someone from our medical team specifically told you are allowed to take clear liquid up to 3 hours prior to the planned time for the surgery. Not consuming any food or drinks includes candy of any kind (bonbons and chewing gum)
If you have been given instructions to continue drinking clear liquid drinks up to 3 hours prior to the surgery, you should know that the term “clear liquid” means water, apple, currant and cranberry juice, black or green tea and black coffee (without milk or cream!)
Starting midnight or at least 6 hours prior to surgery you should NOT consume milk or milk products, grapefruit, orange and other “thick” juices as well as carbonated beverages
Refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages one day prior to the surgery, and if you smoke, try to quit at least 6 weeks before the surgical procedure. If you cannot completely quit smoking, try to reduce the number of cigarettes and keep smoking until the day of the surgery, but keep in mind that smoking is prohibited in the hospital and we expect you to respect this
If you have special dietary needs (diabetic, vegetarian diet, if you are gluten or lactose intolerant or if you are intolerant of any other products), we kindly ask you to inform us about it prior to your arrival to Akromion in order for us to arrange for your special meals during your hospital treatment in time


When arriving to the hospital, wear comfortable and casual clothes that are not tightly adhering to the body, because you should keep in mind that during your stay and when leaving the hospital, you will have at least bandages or some other type of immobilization on the operated part of the body. Do not bring jewellery or other valuables with you to the hospital
Remove makeup and nail polish before the surgery and please do not use hair spray or perfumes that day

By following the above stated instructions you will help us make your stay at Akromion .Special Hospital as pleasant as possible and we thank you for it in advance.

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