When arriving for treatment, bring all the necessary documentation with you:

  • available medical documentation related to any previous treatments
  • medical test results from the doctor who scheduled you for the surgery, all laboratory test results required at the pre–operational stage, original BLOOD GROUP test results (for patients arriving for implantation of total hip, knee or shoulder endoprosthesis, we require BLOOD GROUP test results not older than 3 years), populated pre-operational questionnaire. Make sure you bring MRI and CT scans, if any, and x-ray imaging

Bring along all medicines prescribed by your personal physician.

Personal hygiene set (toothbrush, comb, personal cosmetics, pyjamas, slippers, bath robe).

if you are arriving on the day of the surgery, you should arrive on an empty stomach between 07:00 and 07:30 h

if you are arriving a day early for total endoprosthesis, you should check in between 11:00 and 12:00 h (noon)

if you are arriving a day early as agreed with your operator, you should check in by 17:00 h

You will confirm your consent to have the proposed diagnostics and treatment by signing the consent forms for medical interventions which are carried out before, during and after the surgical procedure and by signing the consent form for the application of anaesthesia. You will be an active participant in the course of your treatment.

After registering at the reception desk of the hospital, you will contact the nurse who will write down on the temperature record all and any medicines you might be taking, she will take all your medical documentation and scans and help you to settle in your room.

Before entering the operating block, you will have to shower and wash your hair using a disinfectant Dermoguard, which is for your own safety. Otherwise it is not advisable to have the surgery.

After taking a shower and putting on clean pyjamas, you should settle in bed. Accompanying persons are not allowed to sit on the patient’s bed.

Nail polish should be removed from finger and toe nails, as well as make-up, all jewellery and dental prosthetics if any.

You should notify the nurse at check-in of any changes to your health condition.

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