Top skier Natko Zrnčić-Dim suffered a severe knee injury during a fall in downhill training in Val d’Isere, France. After knee arthroscopy at Akromion Special Hospital, the team orthopaedist surgeons led by prof. Hašpl, PhD found that the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee was completely torn and our famous skier immediately underwent surgery to reconstruct the torn ligament.

The surgical procedure was performed by prof. Miroslav Hašpl, PhD recognised orthopaedic surgeon with an international career who daily treats and performs surgery of the most difficult orthopaedic diseases and injuries at the Akromion Special Hospital.

After the surgery, prof. Hašpl, PhD said that Natko was recovering very well after the performed surgery, after which he will receive rehabilitation and return to the slopes.

Prof. Hašpl, PhD is a distinguished and highly respected orthopaedic surgeon with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries of the bone and joint system.

The area medicine practiced by the experts of the Akromion Special Hospital are reconstructive surgery of ​​the bone and joint system, sports injuries and arthroplasty, i.e. joint replacement. In addition to top professional athletes, patients from the general population also contact the outstanding team of experts from Akromion Special Hospital with confidence due to a variety of ailments and diseases of the bone and joint system.

Injuries are a part of sport and a challenge that, with courage and hard work, Natko Zrnčić-Dim will certainly successfully overcome.

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