Special Hospital Akromion opened its doors on April 11th 2008 and in a short period of time developed into a respectable institution in the field of orthopaedic surgery. Akromion established its reputation also among colleagues in the region who regularly visit our hospital to get acquainted with new and advanced operating techniques.

Akromion provides patients with all medical services in the field of orthopaedics and traumatology: from arthroscopy to arthroplasty of all major joints and fracture treatment. Joint replacements, both primary and revision, are routinely performed and the prosthesis type carefully chosen to suit the individual needs of the patient, taking into account age, demand for activity and level of joint damage. Arthroscopic procedures, performed in a minimally invasive manner via a small bore camera introduced into the joint are also part of our daily routine. As one of few hospitals in Croatia we perform a significant part of minor procedures on a day-case basis, with the patient admitted on the morning of surgery and being fit for discharge on the same day.

Continuous postoperative regional analgesia is also a standard after all major surgeries. Combined these approaches provide a stress free and virtually painless perioperative experience and have earned Akromion the nickname “hospital without pain” among our patients.

We would like to emphasize the following procedures as our areas of excellence:

Arthroscopic procedures

Arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder
  • Shoulder stabilization
  • Reconstructions of the rotator cuff
  • Calcifications removal / calcifying tendinitis
Arthroscopic surgery of the knee
  • Meniscectomies
  • Sutures of meniscal ruptures
  • Surgery of cartilage lesions
  • Reconstructions of the anterior and posterior crutiate ligaments
Ankle arthroscopies
Elbow arthroscopies
Hip arthroscopies

Total joint replacements

Hip prosthesis
  • Total primary
  • Revisions
Knee prosthesis
  • Partial
  • Total primary
  • Revision
Shoulder prosthesis
  • Total primary
  • Total reverse

Other operative treatments

  • Bone fracture treatment
  • Treatments of malunions
  • Hallux valgus corrections
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Corrective treatments of the joints
Spine surgery
  • Cervical spine surgery
  • Thoracal spine surgery
  • Lumbar spine surgery
  • Minimally invasive spine stabilization (MISS)
  • Other spine surgery
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