In our newly opened Polyclinic in Zagreb we carry out pre-surgical and post-surgical rehabilitation as well as outpatient rehabilitation in cases of painful joints and spine, of an inflammatory or degenerative aetiology, sports injuries and overuse injuries.
Timely start, appropriate duration and proper implementation of rehabilitation affect the recovery and the final functional outcome of the surgery significantly.

Physical therapy, manual techniques and kinesitherapy work on reducing pain, promote healing process, improve muscle tone of the weakened muscles, affect tissue elasticity and reduce the tension of certain muscle groups. During rehabilitation, apart from improving mobility, strength and endurance, patients acquire knowledge and skills that will help them maintain the results achieved in daily life, prevent re-injury and slow down degenerative processes (proper self-training, selection of adequate physical activity, ergonomic adjustment …). Rehabilitation is a process in which progress is gradual and success takes time.

The whole rehabilitation process is under constant supervision of a qualified rehabilitation team (orthopaedist, physiatrist, physical therapist) able to adapt the programme to abilities and needs of each individual person.

Fizikalna terapija i rehabilitacija Akromion
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