Special Hospital Akromion invested in the state-of-the-art Siemens 1.5 T MRI device and surely the best digital X-ray device in our market adapted to the needs of orthopedics and traumatology. It now has the newly opened Diagnostic Radiology Department in Zagreb Polyclinic which combines the highest quality of diagnostic with the conservative and operative treatments.

The advantages of our new Magnetic Resonance Magnetom® Aeree, which is the latest generation of the Open Bore system with a 70 cm casement tunnel width and a 145 cm case length, allows to keep the patient out of the casing tunnel, thus reducing the patient’s discomfort from a cramped space (claustrophobia).

Siemens unique Tim 4G/Dot technology provides shorter scanning time with superior quality and resolution which results with early detection of changes in the articular cartilage (dGERMIC and T2 mapping), which is important in preventing initial degenerative changes and monitoring cartilage recovery after therapeutic procedures. New sequences to reduce artifacts around metal implants, ie artificial wrists (wrists) such as WARP and SEMAC, allow us to show almost the entire area around the metal material, allowing our medical team of radiologists and orthopaedists to timely diagnose and differentiate the inflammation from mechanical instability of dentures and implants to make a best choice of patient’s therapy.

With the aforementioned and many other features, this device has excellent specifications for both body segments and specific segments such as changes and damages to the bone and joint system.

Special Hospital Akromion, as the largest private orthopedic hospital in Croatia with its Polyclinic is now providing its patients with a fully-fledged system of fast, timely diagnostics with individual access to each patient and the choice of the optimal method of treating the bone and joint system.

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