The 12th Symposium of the Special Hospital of Akromion was held in Zagreb on the topic of “Our First Ten Years”. This year, Hospital Akromion celebrates ten years of existence and during the symposium are presented topics specific to the problem of bone and joint system and specificity of treatment and achievements in Akromion over the past ten years.

From the very beginning, the Special Hospital Akromion is not only focused on patient care, but also participates in scientific activities, organizes education, courses and Symposiums, and participates in education of specialists of orthopedic, anesthesia, nurses and physiotherapist.

In 2010, Akromion Hospital held the first Symposium in Zagreb. With this, now traditional Symposiums, various orthopedic topics have been dealt with the desire to share our knowledge and experience with our colleagues doctors and physiotherapist and thus help the patients.

Professor Miroslav Hašpl, Ph.D. Nikola Čičak, Rok Vengust, Ph.D. Denis Tršek, Ph.D. Dr. Hrvoje Klobučar, Dr. Damir Starčević, Dr. Aida Filipčić, Dr. Siniša Šoštarić, Dr. Krešimir Oremuš, Dr. Dražen Lovrić, and Physiotherapist Martina Žunac spoke about topics such as: Diagnosis and treatment of painful shoulders, hand wrists, correction of sagittal balance – spinal osteotomy, possibilities of radiology diagnostics in orthopedic, removal of meniscus to artificial meniscus, how to treat the knee cartilage and when to embed endoprosthesis, individual access to the hip prosthesis, a new normal foot – a chance to return to the desired footwear, daily surgery and experience in the Akromion hospital over the past 10 years, blood plasma and stem cell preparations, and how to conserve blood, time and money at major surgery.

During the 12th Symposium of the Special Hospital Akromion, over 350 physicians and physiotherapist were able to see examples from practice, and the exchange of experiences, questions and answers confirmed that such a congress contributed to the quality of patient treatment. An outstanding response from the professional public is the confirmation of the Akromion team to continue with their dedicated work and follow up the latest developments and achievements in contemporary medicine.

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