The Akromion Hospital was attended by representatives of the International Accreditation Organization Global Clinic Rating (GCR). Global Clinic Rating was established in 2014 in San Jose, California. The goal of the Global Clinic Rating platform is to connect patients who need medical services with medical institutions around the world.

The GCR provides information on more than 430,000 medical institutions in more than 126 countries, making it the largest medical platform in the world. Along with basic information about the institutions, GCR provides its own quality assessment of the institution, along with the ratings of patients who visited the institution and shared their experience.

The assessment is based on patient experience, information collected through the internet, information gathered from the institution, and evaluation data collected when visiting a team of experts. The final grade is based on:
  • Experience and expertise of staff
  • Technological equipment and quality of medical units
  • The range and quality of medical services
  • Critics and ratings of patients collected through independent channels (GCR directly, Facebook, Google and other websites)

The Akromion Hospital is rated in the certification process with very high grades for the field of orthopedics and for the field of newly established radiology center. The GCR assessed Akromion, according to its quality and expertise, as the best-ranked orthopedic institution in Croatia and one of the best orthopedic institutions in the world.

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